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Battle Creek is conveniently located on Michigan's I-94 - about 2 hours from Detroit, and 3 hours from Chicago. The Battle Creek station serves as a hub for intercity bus, rail connection and Amtrak Bus Connection, and a parking spot for car pools by the highway. Many cities are looking at new ways of transportation and Albion is also. From MDOT's web site: "The location of this facility makes it accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and both intercity and local transit passengers.


Remember when we use to car pool? Maybe the time has come again. Let's start to think about it anyway! We will look for more links and post them here. We're collecting info about options for local and interurban transportation. Here are a few items we have so far. More coming soon!

Welcome to Sustainable Battle Creek Home page was the original "Battle Creek home page" and was created in 1996. That site is in need of an update, so we are working on the new Battle Creek "Sustainable Home Page" in a new location to make a smoother transition. The Sustainable Battle Creek Home page will feature information on local resources in Battle Creek, special projects, the arts and more. Please visit our site, give us feedback, and come back often. Battle Creek is a good place to live.

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